The $MILEY&MUSK token has one goal in mind, to send Miley and Musk to the moon! As life on Earth becomes more of a daily grind we are waiting with baited breath for Elon to open the gates to space.
When people finally arrive they’ll need some walking around money. The currency this interstellar community has adopted is $MILEY&MUSK. The perfect mix of pop culture, technology and cryptocurrency.


85% of supply is locked in the Uniswap Liquidity Pool.

To ensure your funds are safe and guarantee against any rugpulls, 85% of the tokens were added to the $MILEY&MUSK and ETH pair on Uniswap and locked for 3 months. We intend to migrate the liquidity to V3 of $ETH and then lock forever.

15% of supply is for team, marketing and development.

Good projects deserve to be marketed and developed. That is why the team has reserved 15% of the supply to help grow and promote $MILEY&MUSK.

Token Code – $MILEY&MUSK

Token Address – 0xdc26fc0419bf3b4e034eceb2e4154fc653c7a372


Phase 1 (complete)

– Create $MILEY&MUSK token
– Website and social launch
– Add liquidity to Uniswap

Phase 2 (underway)

– CoinGecko and CMC Listing
– 500 telegram Members
– Engage social influencers
– 1,000 holders

Phase 3

– NFT creation
– 2,000 telegram Members
– Rewards Pool
– 5,000 holders




1. Create a MetaMask Wallet

$MILEY&MUSK token is available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in ERC20 (Ethereum) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit metamask.io to download the extension and set up a wallet.

2. Send $ETH to Metamask

Buy Ethereum through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

3. Go to Uniswap

You can currently buy $MILEY&MUSK on Uniswap, the most popular and safest decentralized exchange in the world.

4. Swap $ETH for $MILEY&MUSK

Adjust slippage to 5% and enter the amount of $ETH you would like to swap for $MILEY&MUSK.